Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) at the Virtual Job Fair.

1.What is the BPOCareerHub.com Virtual Job Fair? When it is going to happen?
A: It is an online recruitment event that goes live online for a limited period of time. It is designed to link jobseekers and companies to open up career opportunities and tap an immense talent pool for recruitment needs. Our aim is to simplify job hunting and candidate screening process with just a few clicks. All these in the comfort of your own computer. BCH Virtual Job Fair Events are listed on the Events Page

2. I registered for the BCH Virtual Job Fair but I don't see any login button to go inside the Virtual Job Fair?
A: The BCH Virtual Job Fair is going to be live on the dates indicated in the events. You can use the same login/password you created to go inside the virtual job fair, interview room/video chat with employers and apply to hundreds of available jobs.

3. What is the duration of Virtual Job Fair?
A: The duration and all other details of the job fairs are found on the events page.

4. What is the timing of the Virtual Job Fair?
A: You can apply to jobs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To be able to chat with employers, please check the schedule on each company booth once the Online Fair is open since each employer has different available time.

5. Where can I find the list of participating companies?
A: You can view the updated list of confirmed participants on the Job Fair Page

6. How do I register on the Virtual Job Fair?
A: To register, please log on to http://www.bpocareerhub.com and click on the "register now" button and fill in the registration form. Once your registration is confirmed, you can log in once the online job fair is open using your email address and password as provided in the registration form.

7. What can I do in the Virtual Job Fair?
A: In the Virtual Job Fair you can get information about the companies' culture, objectives and values, interact with employers/recruiters through the Interview room and video chat, view Job openings from top employers in the BPO, KPO and Call Center Industry, submit your RESUME to the company of your interest, and apply directly to these jobs

8. How do I apply to jobs on the Virtual Job Fair?
A: Each employer's booth will have job vacancies. To apply to these jobs, simply follow the procedure as per each employer’s booth and application procedure.

9. How can I send my resume?
A: To apply to a job, you will need to log in and visit the Company Booths on the job fair page and apply to Jobs by clicking on the “Drop your resume” button over the booth or as per the company application procedure.

10. Is there a physical job fair that the Virtual Job Fair supports?
A: No, the Virtual Job Fair is completely an online event.

11. Do I need to register as a candidate to attend the job fair?
A: Yes. You have to register to take advantage of all the benefit of the online job fair. You will be required to complete the registration form to go inside the Virtual Job Fair.

12. How do I apply to jobs in the Virtual Job Fair?
A: The job openings are posted on the employer's booth. To apply to these jobs, you will have to follow the procedure as per their application procedure.

13. I registered previously on the Virtual Job Fair, but cannot locate my login and password. How do I get these sent to me?
A: Your login is your e-mail address that you used when registering. For lost password, please visit forgot password page

14. Would I be able to view job vacancies of all participating companies?
A: Yes. You can browse through each employer booth and view the vacancies offered by each and every company.

15. How can I leave my RESUME at the virtual booths?
A: You can send your resume by clicking on the “drop your resume” button on the employers’ booths that allow the option of spontaneous applications.

16. How do I know if my RESUME has reached the company I have applied to?
A: When you apply to a particular position, you will receive a confirmation message.

17. What happens if I applied twice to the same position?
A: You will get a message notifying you that you have already applied to the position.

18. Would other companies be able to view my RESUME as well?
A: No, your application will be strictly confidential and only the company you have applied to will receive your resume.

19. How do I chat and/or video chat with an employer?
A: To interact with a recruiter, click on an Employer booth and hit the Interview Room tab. Once the interview room opens, you will see a box with the company representative name. Hit IM "Instant Messaging" and start interacting with the employer.

20. What are the technology requirements to properly view the Virtual Job Fair?
A: You will only need to install the Adobe Flash Player on your computer. To download it, please visit here

21. Are there any Internet browser requirements?
A: All Internet Browsers are supported.

22. I don't have a Web cam. Do I have to do a video interview?
A: The video interview is not required (you can simply submit your resume to employers), but keep in mind that the reason employers are participating in the Virtual Career Fair is to provide video feedback in both directions.

23. I log on to http://www.bpocareerhub.com but I'm not able to view the page.
A: You might need to update the page. For that, please press simultaneously Control + F5. You should be able to view the page.